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 DVI Digital input Interface: DVI (Digital Visual Interface, Digital video Interface) is in recent years, with the development of the Digital display device and developed a kind of display Interface. 

Ordinary analog RGB interface in display process, first of all, in the computer graphics through digital/analog conversion, convert digital signals to analog signals transmitted to a display device, and in digital display device, and the analog/digital conversion to convert analog signal to digital signal, and display. 

After 2 times conversion, inevitably lead to the loss of some information, also have certain influence to image quality. With DVI interface, the computer will display the information in the form of digital signals directly transmitted to the display device, to avoid the two conversion process, so in theory, the DVI interface display devices of the image quality is better. 

Additional DVI interface to realize the true plug and play, hot plug and absolve the need to shut down the computer and display devices in the process of connection problems. 

Now Most high-end LCDS are adopted, the interface, while LCD monitor is used D-SUB to transfer data

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