Professional cable assembly manufacturer more than 15 years

Built I-PEX 2004-0441F fine-wire coaxial cable assembly FI-RE51HL LVDS cable eDP cable Assembly Factory

Price: 665
Built I-PEX 20879-040E-01 fine wire cable assembly I-PEX 20229 LVDS eDP cable Assembly Supplier

Price: 555
custom I-PEX 20229-020T-F fine micro coax cable assembly FI-XB30SSRLA-HF16 eDP LVDS cable assemblies Manufacturer

Price: 443
custom I-PEX 2453-0311 fine-wire coaxial cable assembly I-PEX 20846-040T-01 LVDS eDP cable assembly provider

Price: 33
Manufactured FI-X30H-D-(AM) Fine Micro Coax cable assembly I-PEX 3400 LVDS cable eDP cable assemblies Supplier

Price: 22
IDC cable Manufacture Fine Pitch IDC Connector Socket Measures 1.27 x 2.54mm

Price: according to quantity & spec
IDC Cable Flat Ribbon Cable with 2.0 or 2.54mm Pitch Connector

Price: according to quantity & spec
IDC Ribbon Cable Manufacturer IDC Ribbon Cable Connector

Price: according to quantity & spec
2x5 IDC 2.54 Flat Cable IDC Cable Assemblies OEM or ODM Orders are Welcome

Price: according to quantity & spec
IDC 2.54mm 10p Connector Flat Ribbon Cable Manufacturer

Price: according to quantity & spec
Flat Ribbon Cable with 2.54mm Low Profile Single Row IDC Socket

Price: according to quantity & spec
Flat cable IDC Type to 2.54 IDC Flat Cable Assembly UL2651 Grey 28AWG

Price: according to quantity & spec
Flat cable Punctured Jane Cattle Type Assembly Type Cable

Price: according to quantity & spec
USB Charging Cable
iphone car charger iphone 5 usb cable apple lightning cable iphone extension cable

Price: USB Charging Cable
USB Charging Cable
iphone 5 charging cable iphone cables iphone charging station iphone charging pad iphone 5 adaptor

Price: USB Charging Cable
Molded USB Cable
Micro usb cable Power Cords Connect to Computer Available in Black White and Transparent USB Cable with Micro 5-pin Compliance

Price: Molded USB Cable
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